2543 L ACTROS Poliv. Europeo 创C创 y 创C E创

Type:  truck all-purpose trailer
Body builder:  Aucar Trailer
Year:  2000
km / Mileage:  403000
Horsepower(HP):  430
Seats:  6 (2 4)
Gearbox:  16 MA Telligent
M.A.M.(Kg.):  23520
Total length (mm):  14125
1st-2nd axle distance (mm):  4500
2nd-3rd axle distance (mm):  5900
3rd-4th axle distance (mm):  
Color:  white
Used vehicle. Sold on 2006.
Patented model. all-purpose European truck suitable for the category 创C创 y 创C+E创 license according to the Spanish driver regulations, RD 818/2009. sleeping berth. ABS. Megaspace Cab. Telligent gearbox. Retarder. Air conditioning. Dual control pedals.Sun visor. Pneumatic horn. Work lights. Pneumatic suspension at front and rear.

As tractor truck: Total length: 7.085 mm. MMA: 18.000 Kg.
As Closed box truck: Total length: 8.000 mm. MMA: 18.000 Kg.

Changeover time between license formats: total 5 minutes (including coupling or uncoupling).
PRIM-BALL semi-collapsible box semitrailer. ABS.