POLICAR, the capillary distribution trailer truck
  • To meet the challenge of capillary distribution, AUCAR-TRAILER has created POLICAR®, the most versatile, profitable and sustainable logistics tool on the market today.Unique on the market, POLICAR® is a trailer truck which, in a simple operation using a remote control, turns into a straight truck. The two boxes which make up the semitrailer move and can be coupled to the tractor unit, making it possible to transport goods for two different distribution areas, away from the base warehouse, in a single trip.

    To put it another way, POLICAR® means savings on fuel, personnel and working hours.

    It is synonymous with sustainability and care for the environment.

    It is without a doubt the best solution for goods distribution in built-up areas...
  POLICAR, the capillary distribution trailer truck
  • After many demonstrations of the prototype POLICAR and taking into account comments by our prospective customers, Aucar-Trailer has launched the New POLICAR, a more robust vehicle more suited to the needs of the market.

    The principal advantage of the New POLICAR over the prototype is the change in the location of the generators for the refrigeration unit on the chassis of the semitrailer and the tractor unit, leaving more space free for the load in each box. Moreover, this new version of the POLICAR system is simpler and automated to make it easier to operate by the driver.

    Watch the video of the New POLICAR and check out its advantages.
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