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Military driving schools

  • The All-Purpose European truck from Aucar Trailer has been chosen by the Spanish army as the most suitable vehicle for its military driving schools.
  • The criteria followed by the army in selecting these vehicles are based on the highest standards of safety, reliability and toughness as used in NATO forces. The quality criteria used by the army are even more demanding that those laid down in the ISO 9001 standard, and in selecting suppliers attention is paid to the professionalism and competence they display in all aspects of their work.
  • The army also places special emphasis on the suppliers of its vehicles being able to offer a cast-iron guarantee as to their maintenance over time and under any circumstances.
  • Aucar Trailer is both pleased and proud to have been selected as a supplier to NATO forces as this is a recognition of the many years of hard work devoted to constant improvement in our products and services. This commits us to carrying on in this direction and to being more and more demanding in our goals.
  • The first ten All-Purpose European Trailer Trucks were delivered to the army in 2007, with a further forty in 2008 and thirty more in 2009, with further deliveries expected in the coming years.
  • The 80 All-Purpose European Trailer Trucks supplied to the army are now in intensive use at its military driving schools, performing perfectly and to the full satisfaction of the respective commanders.
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