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  • 1997 All-Purpose Trailer Truck
  • With the appearance of the 1997 driver regulations in Spain, the industrial engineer Fernando Hurtado García entered the driving school sector, marketing the all-purpose trailer truck with folding sides and extendable bed, making it possible to take the tests for the category "C1", "C", and "C+E" licenses with a single tractor vehicle and a semitrailer.
  • 1998 Import of used tractor vehicles
  • To help small driving schools to get into the heavy vehicle market, the firm started purchasing, repairing, preparing and selling used tractor vehicles and semitrailers imported from Germany, to order. Fernando Hurtado was the first to offer the multi-purpose trailer truck complete and ready to register and put into service at driving schools, becoming a leader in the driver training field with his unrestricted one-year guarantee on used vehicles.
  • 2000 AUCAR-TRAILER, S.L. set up
  • The firm AUCAR TRAILER, S.L. specialises in the purchase, sale and preparation of vehicles for driving schools. The basic vehicles are supplied by the customer or purchased by AUCAR at manufacturers’ dealerships, from the manufacturers themselves or on the German used vehicle market. The bodywork and accessories necessary for driving practice and tests at driving schools are then installed on these vehicles. The product range also takes in single-axle trailers for the category "B+E" license, which in turn serve to carry three motorcycles. It also includes trailers with a front steer axle for the category "C+E" license, and single-axle super-light semitrailers for the "C+E" license and buses.
  • 2004 The PE-01 model All-Purpose European trailer truck launched
  • Coinciding with the new Spanish driver regulations in Royal Decree 1598/2004, December 2004 saw the launch at the national confederation of driving schools convention in Barcelona of the new All-Purpose European trailer truck based on a used Mercedes Benz 1424 tractor vehicle (see video on this page). The new vehicle was the first all-purpose trailer truck with box making it possible to take the category "C" and "C+E" licenses in accordance with the new regulations, and was given the name "European" because it was the only one in strict compliance with European Directive 2000 56 EC.
  • 2005 The PE-02 model All-Purpose European trailer truck created
  • The new PE-02 model was created, gaining a registered Community design certificate on 24th October 2005.
  • 2006 The PE-03 model All-Purpose European trailer truck patented
  • The inventor Fernando Hurtado García obtained Utility Model certificate no. 200600102 for the PE-03 model All-Purpose European Tractor Vehicle. The new tractor vehicle can have the 8-point all-purpose box coupled up (4 points on the tractor vehicle and 4 on the semitrailer) with a single hydraulic cylinder.
  • 2007 The All-Purpose European trailer truck joins the Spanish army
  • The Spanish army chose the All-Purpose European trailer truck as its first ever specific vehicle for its military driving schools throughout the country.
  • In November AUCAR-TRAILER, S.L. was chosen to supply the All-Purpose European trailer truck, obtaining an entry in the NATO guide to companies and bodies recognising it as a direct supplier to the Spanish or NATO armed forces.
  • 2008 The PE-04.0 model All-Purpose European Trailer Truck: gearing up for export
  • Production began of the redesigned PE-04.0 model with a more solid kit system suitable for mass production.
  • In June AUCAR-TRAILER took part in the Eurosatory military trade fair held in Paris. The All-Purpose European trailer truck was on display in the pavilion sponsored by the Spanish armaments and defence and security material manufacturers association AFARMADE.
  • In October the All-Purpose European trailer truck was on show at the annual convention of the Portuguese driving school association ANIECA held in Santarém, near Lisbon.
  • 2009 AUCAR-TRAILER, S.L. gains ISO 9001:2008
  • AUCAR-TRAILER, S.L. works to equip civilian and military driving schools, supplying trucks, tractor vehicles, trailer trucks, trailers, semitrailers and buses, as well as fitting out passenger cars for driving schools.
  • In April AUCAR-TRAILER, S.L. obtained ISO 9001:2008 certification, making it the only Spanish company with a quality management system in the business of designing, handling preparation of and marketing vehicles specifically for driving schools.
  • In October AUCAR-TRAILER, S.L. developed the new version of the PE-04.1 All-Purpose European vehicle.
  • AUCAR-TRAILER, S.L. has become the leading supplier of heavy vehicles to the driving school sector.
  • 2010: Creation and patenting of POLICAR, the capillary distribution trailer truck
  • In November 2010, Aucar-Trailer designed and patented a new product: POLICAR, the long/short distance trailer, diversifying its business and breaking into the distribution sector.
  • The long/short distance trailer truck converts into a closed box truck by means of a simple operation using a remote control, making it easy to get to points of sale in urban areas and bringing big savings on fuel, CO2 emissions, personnel, insurance and tax.
  • 2011: Launch of POLICAR, the long/short distance trailer truck
  • Marketing of the new product begins. January 2011 sees the release of the POLICAR catalogue, which describes the process of converting the trailer truck into a closed box truck, the advantages of this and a visual outline of the functions of the product.
  • 2013 Presentation of the New POLICAR
  • In April 2013 Aucar-Trailer launched the New POLICAR with a Road Show visiting the most important towns and cities in Spain. The New POLICAR represents a refinement of the prototype in terms of robustness, ease of handling and useful cargo space, making it the ideal product to cross borders and open up new markets. This is why in September 2013 the New POLICAR is to start a new tour of the centre of Europe.
  • IQNet - AENOR
  PE-01 model All-Purpose European vehicle
  PE-02 model All-Purpose European vehicle
  PE-03 model All-Purpose European vehicle
  PE-04.0 model All-Purpose European vehicle
  All-purpose European trailer truck PE-04.1
  All-purpose European trailer truck PE-04.1
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